The next step after Pi

A couple of days prior to penning this down, I encountered a student who was worried assuming that Mathematics was his only strong subject and his hold on the other subjects of the stream he desires is not good enough to represent a promising aggregate. His thought that he had to be good in ALL the subjects of commerce field or else his career was doomed speaks volumes about the current facet of Indian Education because unfortunately, he is not the only one who shares this thought. In the commerce stream, there are students who mix up FINANCE AND MATHEMATICS generally. It makes them believe that because they are not excellent in subjects like Economics and Accounts, their future is in shade.

This is where the counselling of these aspiring students fail drastically. Though Mathematics is an integral part of the educational field concerning commerce and is a popular choice for the senior secondary students of science as well as commerce field, IT HAS ITS OWN INDEPENDENT IDENTITY AND MARKET VALUE, as far as careers are concerned.

If a student has a good command over the subject of Mathematics, that implies that he or she has EXCELLENT rationality, logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

And believe me, these skills are HIGHLY VALUED in the career market these days because no one can inculcate logic and rationality in you.

At an undergraduate level, one can opt for B.A Mathematics (Hons.) or B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons.) to pursue mathematics in particular without having to deal with other aspects of the stream on had opted for during their school days.

In the science stream, Physics and Physical Chemistry need the same skills that a Mathematician love. Thus, a Science student, who can’t memorize the facts and the data of biology, can easily opt for mathematics instead of biology i.e., English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Mechanical Drawing / Physical Education/ Economics /Home Science/Psychology, as the core subjects.

Don’t get confused by the choices in the fifth subject. Although for appearing in the CBSE final exams for Senior Secondary in the 12th grade five subjects are compulsory, the monster cut off lists that decide whether a college is good for you or not is determined on the basis of the average which is calculated by taking the best four subjects of your curriculum into account. Thus one can make a good score in the PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and go on to pursue a course dominated by mathematics.

Those who opted for Mathematics in Humanities also find an edge in the job market. The knowledge of statistics, probability etc. can be combined with social sciences, psychology, economics, sociology etc. for the jobs related to surveys and data analysis.

After earning a degree in Mathematics, one can find a suitable position to work in various sectors of the business market like Insurance, Software Development, Market Research, inventory management, operations Research, Actuarial firms, utility companies, astronomy sector… the possibilities are endless.

There are lucrative and highly paid jobs vacant in the government sector as well. UPSC conducts the examinations for the posts of Tax Assistant, Statistical Investigator, Grade III and compiler; to name a few which are primarily a skill for someone who has a background in mathematics.

Last but not the least TEACHING, which is one of the noblest and oldest profession, is a very practical career option for those looking a way cultivate their love for mathematics as a hobby and career altogether. One can teach at the school level, at the college level or as a private coach. At school, there are two levels or posts these mathematicians can hold –

T.G.T i.e. Trained Graduate Teacher who teach from class 6th to class 10th. Their minimum qualification is Graduation in the subject and B.Ed. In this case, it shall be B.Sc /.B.A mathematics (H) B.Ed.

P.G.T i.e. Post-Graduate Teacher who teach classes of senior secondary i.e., 11th and 12th. The minimum Qualification required for this post is PG in the concerned subject and B.Ed. In this case M. A./M.Sc. Mathematics.

Now, for higher level teaching jobs such as colleges and institutes, the process and the requirements are different altogether. For the job of an Assistant Professor in colleges who teach UG students, one needs to be qualified with M.Phil with NET in the concerned subject, in this case, Mathematics. Once you complete the PhD and get involved in more research, you may be promoted to the posts of Associate Professor followed by the post of Professor.

As a Private coach, you can either get a job in any coaching centre or institute which require your services as a mentor for the subject or you can start your own coaching centre with the vision you had while studying the subject of a course.

Mathematics, being an important component of COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS conducted by SSC, UPSC and other aptitude tests, is a prominent subject which requires an in-depth understanding because the application of its contents can be tested in any manner and what matter is how you are prepared for the worst twist in the simplest of assessments. So never underestimate your abilities as a mathematician.

Note: The knowledge of English and basic computer skills can give wings to your careers related to mathematics. Get hands on Microsoft Excel and sharpen your mental mathematics to have an upper hand over those who need a pen and paper to perform basic operations.